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POETRY by Karl Williams
Here are two more pieces from Williams' work. The poem or poems on this page will change from time to time.
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After the operation

we sat on the blue sofa

and cried and cried.

                       THE COW
         Because the vet shook his head
            and shut his bag
            and left -
         he cursed her and kicked her where she lay.

         Because she could not stand
            but strained her neck
            to no effect -
         he beat her with his fists and pushed her from her stall. 

         Because she could not live -
            black and white
            bones and bag -
         he dragged her by her tail -
            across the rugged concrete floor 
            across the time that kept her from her end -
         he dragged her by her tail -
            in a rage of desperation
            his muscles bulging under a ragged shirt -
         he dragged her by her tail
            from his barn,
            from his life.

©1985 & 2001 Karl Williams