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"Working Musicians" by Bruce Polluck (Harper/Collins) (Agust, 2002) includes the story of the travels of Karl's CD-single "To The New Century."
Bruce Pollock (www.workingmusiciansbook.com)


From One Millennium to Another


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From Lord Litter's review:

"...This is one out of *thousands* ! One of those *which-releases-would-you-take-on-a-trip-to-a-lonely-island* CDs - definitely ! ...this is true/honest music that always existed and will always exist ...a truly excellent natural production and carefully selected guest instruments like oboe, clarinet, djembe and more make this a priceless treasure for a lifetime ... after *all these years* one kind of music really TOUCHES me 'n this CD has this music ... very definitely !! Will broadcast songs 'n will listen very often *just for my own pleasure.*"Many, many thanks for this *good feeling in sound* ... !!" (Lord Litter's Radioshow is heard across Europe via Radio Marabu)

From Jason Timoll's review for MODE Magazine:

"…The consummate 'uniter,' Williams…along the order of Mark Knopfler...brings this offering to the world - a rock-based song ("To the New Century") on a rock-sounding CD ("From One Millennium To Another") - at a time that it may be of greatest use…Tell a friend and bring your best self to this new Millennium."

From The Phantom Tollbooth review by Shari Lloyd:

"...a blend of classic rock and roll and electrified folk with a touch of country. The original lyrics mostly related to mid-life concerns with a nice subtle message of faith. Deep thoughtful lyrics with nice hooks and a good sense of rhythm make this one of the more interesting CDs I've heard lately...."


"...We played "To the New Century" by Karl Williams many times last year and we are playing it a lot this year.. ...It is something different. The idea is unique and perfect..."

WPRB, 103.3 FM, Princeton, NJ:

"Great to hear a song about the change of centuries that is inspiring and not just filled with obvious jokes..."

EyeQRadio, Miami, FL

"'To the New Century' was played on Thanksgiving Day between Fountains of Wayne and the Flaming Lips...We love the song!"
Radio 4EB, Kangaroo Point, Australia: "... 'To the New Century' by Karl Wlliams is great...The music reflects the peace and the new feelings of people towards a new age of understanding..."

MFM Stereo 92.6, www.mfm.co.za, Matieland, South Africa:

"...found the CD extremely easy to listen to. It is indeed very nice and mellow, complimented greatly by Karl's peaceful voice. We have playlisted the song "Murphy", and it will be on the playlist for at least the next four weeks..." ("Music will be the salvation of my people" - former-president Nelson Mandela)

Radio Emmen, The Netherlands

"We have played the song several times; it is also in our non-stop computer system who plays the music when we don't have a live show. We would like to get a new song when it's out, because we (and our listeners) like the song you send us from Karl."

Radio SIRUP, Siegen, Germany (from a review on their website):

"...Those gifted in languages should really hear his newest CD; there they can find out how the new Millennium will be toasted in 17 languages. :-) The music is well-recorded and believable. For the 17 languages Radio Sirup awards 5 foam strawberries. - GW"

Radio Radios, Raanana, Israel:

"We have aired the song already many times. On behalf of our CEO, we are expressing hereby again our gratitude."

OneWorld Online,Lusaka, Zambia:

"'To the New Century' is a wonderful piece..."

Radio NOVA team, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova:

"...We aired "To the New Century" by Karl Williams many times - especially during the New Year Holidays. The music is very special, both in terms of sound and rhythm. Inspiring... Keep on!"