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Karl Williams

Big Fish/Little Fish

2000 Release

2000 release songs:
Big Fish Little Fish
Swimming In the Swimming Pool
This Side of Heaven
K-A-T-I-E: The Name Spelling Song
Lazy Susan
Shoulda Had a Helmet
Make a Tent
Betcha Don't Know
Ho Ho Ho Merry Halloween

Chorus: Big fish eat little fish in the ocean and the bay
Big fish eat little fish every night and every day
Big fish eat little fish that's what they say
But I hope the little fish get away
Little fishies swimming by all shapes and sizes and colors
The big fish he swallows one he's looking for another
If the big fish wasn't hungry there'd be nothing more to say
How can the little fish get away
Big fish he swims so slow to him life ain't no riddle
But he was not quite so sure back when he was little
Oh what can it be makes him forget those days
How can the little fish get away
Sometimes I'm a great big fish most times I'm shorter
Of course it all depends on the other fish in the water
But you know I stop my scheming when the big fish shows his face
How can the little fish get away
Now the water goes round the world but don't you feel suspicious
About what floats between the big and little fishes
Yes this hunger catches all who take the bait
How can we ever hope to get away

© 1986 Karl Williams

My buddy's got a K-2 me I got an Oxygen board
And when the snow is laying soft and loose you couldn't ask for more
Than to be putting on your boots and goggles and hitting the door
(to go) Snowboardin'
This year I'm working on my doubleback flip
You don't know what having fun is
It's so cool when it's cold to go
Well if you never tried it it's something that you gotta do
I guarantee you're gonna love it plus I think you'll thank me too
First time you hit a jump and reach the big wide blue
When you're coming back in the dark
You'll be thanking your lucky stars
You can eat and sleep and then start again
There oughta be a mountain in every state across this land
Then everybody would be nuts about it like I am
You'd see them out on the slopes every time they got the chance

© 1999 Karl Williams and Drew Schankweiler

There was a lady in lace
Plucked a big double bass
But she wanted somebody to play with
She met a soprano
Who played the piano
And was looking for someone to stay with
So they rented a house
That had a musical mouse
Who was often heard bowing the cello
And living next door
Was a Doctor A. Bore
Who strummed banjo and sang No he bellowed
They live this side of heaven
They start the music at seven
They live this side of heaven
They sing and dance way past eleven
The doc had a friend
Who lived just round the bend
And could sure blow those notes on the tuba clear
And a cousin of his
Spent his days with the fish
But at night he played flute in his scuba gear
And he knew a girl
Who called herself Pearl
And could play any song on accordion
She said, "I've got an uncle
Who lives in a trunk'll
Play guitar but he can't afford oneSo they passed round a hat
And imagine that
They had money to buy a guitar
Pearl's son had a drum
They found a hobo who hummed
And decided he might be a big star
So they rented a hall
With spotlights and all
Sold tickets for one dollar twenty
But the music they made
Though sure to amaze
Had mistakes double plus plentyC 1990 Karl Williams and Shawn Drain

What do you call it when your whistling whirligig
Accidentally bumps into your thingamajig
And they're tumbling and they're turning
like they're 'bout to pitch a fit
Tell me what do you do about that
Betcha can't say Betcha don't know
You could take your shoes off and count up all your toes
Check the dictionaries enclyclopedi-os
Still you couldn't figure it out
Once I had a doodad was a funny shade of blue
But the whosis disconnected when I went to pull it through
First I tried to tape it then I used some superglue
How come I couldn't fix it like that
Betcha can't say Betcha don't know
I worked on my computer until the hard drive glowed
I studied every science but it ain't in none of those
You know I never figured it out
Now if the little doohickey on the gizmo
Starts to spinning out of control
Oh me oh my gadzooks and goodness gracious
And then if it jumps right through that little loophole
And if the whats-it and the what-cha-ma-call-it
Commence to ganging up on you
Holy cow holy smoke holy Moses holy mackerel
Just what are you supposed to do
Betcha can't say Betcha don't know
Go look in each library from Maine to Idaho
Find yourself a guru but he's gonna tell you No
Some things ain't meant for figuring out

© 1999 Karl Williams

One year Santa got his dates mixed up
He came way too soon
Flying in his sled with his reindeer
When they passed a witch on her broom
Santa scratched his head
This is what he saidHo Ho Ho Where's all the snow
Oh what can it mean
Black cats and jackolanterns
Ho Ho Ho Merry HalloweenSanta landed in the chimneytops
With his bag of toys
Down below princesses and pirates
The size of little girls and boys
Running down the street
Shouting Trick or treat

No matter naughty or nice
That year all the kids had Christmas twice

© 1998 Karl Williams & Marshall School/MetroArts Songwriting Workshop

I was riding my bike one day and I wasn't going fast at all
There was a little kiddie train on a little kiddie track
And my wheels got caught and it threw me out of whack
And just like Humpty Dumpty I had a great fall
I shoulda had a helmet
Cause it got pretty ugly
Next time I'll wear a helmet
Boy I was pretty lucky
When I fell off of that bike I landed right on my head
The bike wasn't even scratched and it wasn't even dented
But my knee was torn up and I was knocked senseless
The people who were with me thought I might be dead I don't remember one thing about riding in the ambulance
But the doctors had to keep me for about a week
Cause I was making no sense whenever I tried to speak
They thought I might never come back from La-La Land Long story short I got better went back to riding my bike
Now this may never happen to any one of you
But there's something so simple that everyone can do
Watch out now it's coming - gonna give you some adviceYou oughta wear a helmet
Cause falling can get ugly
So always wear a helmet
You won't need to be lucky
If you always wear a helmet
You won't need to be lucky

© 2000 Karl Williams

When you're sitting around and there's nothing to do
Baseball and skateboarding just boring you
You got a case of the gradeschooler's blues in which you can't make a dent
Make a tent
Make a tent
It's so simple to do
Make a tent
Couple of sheets you don't even need no glue
Make a tent
You can use the clothesline out back
Make a tent
All the kids'll be making tracks
But let 'em set up an appointment
To get in your tentWhen it's raining outside or it's sunny but cold
All of your videos and games just got old
Above your head what you need is a lightbulb to light be it neon or filament
Make a tent
Make a tent
It's so simple to do
Make a tent
Couple of sheets you don't even need no glue
Make a tent
Stretch a string 'tween the backs of two chairs
Make a tent
Your brother or sister'll be claiming it's theirs
But have a heart don't charge them no rent
In your tent

© 1999 Karl Williams

(5 letters) Katie K - A - T - I - E that spells Katie
Katie K - A - T - I - E that spells Katie
(6 letters) Martin M - A - R - T - I - N spells Martin...
First you sing the name and then each letter
Now one more time let's spell it all together
This song will help you to remember it better you'll see
(7 letters) Whitney W - H - I - T - N - E - Y spells Whitney...
(8 letters) Lawrence L - A - W - R - E - N - C - E Lawrence...
(4 letters) Rosa R - O - S - A spells Rosa...
(3 letters) Leo L - E - O spells Leo...
(9 letters) Sylvester S - Y - L - V - E - S - T - E - R...
(10 letters) Alexandria A - L - E - X - A - N - D - R - I - A...
(11 letters) Bartholomew B - A - R - T - H - O - L - O - M - E - W...
Julio J - U - L - I - O
Katie K - A - T - I - E that spells Katie

© 1995 Karl Williams

I used to know a family lived up over the hill
I used to go and see them when I had some time to kill
They had themselves five daughters but they only had one bed
The oldest girls would double up Sue used the table instead
Now her sisters called her shiftless cause Sue never done no chores
They'd work the live-long morning to the sound of Susan's snores
When time came round for dinner on the table she still lay
They all sat down around her and this is what they'd say
Lazy Susan
Pass the beans my way
Lazy Susan
Pass the lemonade
They'd spin her on her blanket so's they could reach her hand
Singing Lazy Susan
Pass the biscuit pan

© 1986 Karl Williams

Chorus: We're going swimming
Swimming in the swimming pool
We're going swimming
Swimming in the swimming pool
My friend Jo-Jo Martin
We're gonna take him too
He lives down the street from me
And he's in my class at school
I'm gonna do a cannonball
Splash water everywhere
Then I'll do a swan dive
Float right through the air
We'll play sharks and minnows
And maybe water tag
Watch out for the lifeguard
Who'll want to make us pick up trash
I've been to the ocean
I've been to a lake
But I'm wild 'bout a swimming pool
Cause that's where we're going today

© 1997 Karl Williams and Drew Schankweiler